Nigerian Feminism

A philosophy of women's agency, grounded in truth, and centred on women.

It has become necessary, due to years of derailment and distraction, for feminism, and the focus and goals of feminism, to be redefined.

I’m calling it Nigerian Feminism, because this is the model I think all Nigerians should follow, but really this is universally for all women.

You can also call it Focused Feminism.

In a nutshell: You're not a Feminist if your Feminism betrays women and includes men.


Who Women Are

Women are the adult human sex that produces ova / eggs.

We are the females of the human race.

The foundation of our existence, and the entirety of womanhood are the bodies into which we are born, and through which we navigate our world and its environments, by interacting with the shared, material reality that all human beings simultaneously perceive.

This is the most fundamental, unyielding reality of being human, and consequently, of being a woman.

Women are born into a biological sex class immutably and uniquely distinct from men in over a thousand ways on a genetic, biochemical, physical, and metaphysical level.

The experience of female existence is grounded in this shared reality, and is independent of any subjective perception incongruous with this overall, objective, material reality.

Being a woman is a physical state of being, rooted in the body one awakens to find oneself in at birth, a matter of fact.

Ergo, women can only be born into existence, and the experience of womanhood is an exclusive biological reality impossible to opt into nor out of, and the boundary of which, distinguishes women as unique and distinct from non-women.

Who Women Are Not


Women are the female sex class.

Woman is a subset of female, denoting the age / developmental stage of the female human to be an adult (as opposed to Girl, which indicates a juvenile female).


Automatically, men are not women because they do not meet the criteria to be women:
Men are male-sexed and produce small gametes known as sperm.Women are female-sexed and produce large gametes known as ova
Nor can men become women because it is impossible for human beings to change our sex.


It is impossible to identify as a woman because being a woman is not a choice.

Nobody can identify into womanhood nor can any woman identify out of womanhood.

Our internal desires, wishes, and even torment or suffering cannot change the physical material reality which is rooted in our biology as human beings.

It is impossible to wish being a woman away, nor is it possible to wish oneself into being a woman.


The idea that is possible to identify as a woman, or that men can be included in the definition of women is a fundamental expression of aggression against women.

Because it is an assertion that women do not exist as a distinct, definable entity, and that since there is no criteria to be a woman, anybody can be a woman because the criteria can be made up by any man who says so.

Womanhood cannot be inclusive to anyone who does not meet the criteria of being female.

Womanhood excludes men.

The Scope of Feminism


The exclusive nature of our reality as women makes it necessary to define and protect ourselves, and advocate for our unique class interests in a manner that cannot be diluted, divided, nor derailed by anyone who does not belong to the class of women.

Male interlopers, because they are not women, are not included in the focus of Feminism, they are not covered by goals or aims of Feminism, they may not share in the resources Feminism amasses for the benefit of women, nor may they reap the benefits nor gains Feminism wins women

The major successes of feminism have naturally attracted other groups with differing interests, hoping to piggyback on the work feminists have done to shortcut the realisation of their own goals.

These groups are burdensome distractions and women must cut them loose in order to refocus on ourselves.


Feminism is at its core, support for all women.
However, this must not be confused to mean support for all choices made by women.

Since individual choices, opinions, and actions can scale into situations, attitudes, policies, and laws that impact women, Feminism is not the freedom to make any choice.

Women must always be free, but we must always challenge the misrepresentation of choices that harm women, or undermine women's rights, or position vis a vis men, as "feminist" choices.

To this end, Feminists must operate both defense and offense positions, working to advance the rights, interests, opportunities, and access of women towards the goal of equality with men, without ceding an inch of the ground gained to men.


The current focus on intersections with incompatible interest groups has turned feminism into a catch all umbrella activist movement fighting for anybody and everybody even to the detriment and deprioritisation of women.

This modus operandi is of modern digital feminism, whose insistence on centring men and their desires in a movement founded on the liberation of women, is deeply grotesque.

Worse, any attempt to refocus on women is met with accusations of made up phobias, outright threats to harm women for putting ourselves first, and inevitably, swift branding with new slurs designed to single women out and signalling us as sinners to the public, due for mass punishment of silencing and deplatforming.

It takes new bravery to stand firmly for women and put aside the interests of men to unequivocally centre the interests of women.

Many women are afraid of being labeled and bullied into silence.

Yet more women, having swallowed the carefully crafted narratives of rabid activists are convinced that by prioritizing competing agendas that center men, they are showing compassion, respect, and kindness, without ever questioning why these new orthodoxies, especially that of gender identity, are never kind, compassionate, or respectful to women.

In exchange for our compassion and empathy, women are being repaid with erasure in favour of men.

Under the inexorable new rules, nothing women have is acceptable any longer if we refuse to include men in its use.

Ergo, mothers must be called birthing parents, women called menstruators and bleeders, breastfeeding called chest feeding and on and on the dehumanizing new names for women continue.

This same group brands any disagreement, no matter how benign as hatred and violence, yet have no qualms about treating women with the same hatred, ideological, and even physical violence they claim to abhor.

Why then not stop to ask, why are all the battlegrounds related only to women?

Why is nobody debating Manhood with men?
Why are women being renamed Menstruators but men have not been renamed Ejaculators or Penis Swingers?
Why do all these confusions over who is a woman disappear when it’s time for women to suffer some harm on the basis of being female?
When it’s time for mass rape in war, female genital mutilation, exploitative surrogacy and baby farming, everybody suddenly knows exactly who the women are.
Why is it women and not men who have to give up our spaces, our sports, our jobs, our awards, even our doctors, and our prisons to men who want to indulge their delusional fantasies of being us?
This is no different from the climate of patriarchy women have fought for thousands of years.

Women are still the losers in this situation.

Women are the ones forced to give something up despite our discomfort because as usual, we are not the priority.



There’s a tacit assumption that women’s rights are progressing linearly, ever forward, towards more and more freedom, but that is naive of the endless countervailing efforts around the world to get women firmly back under the control of men.

Rights and Progress for women can regress if we are not vigilant.

Pareto holds true because some women are getting in there and doing the heavy lifting. Some feminists are doing the fucking work.

But there exists among the young Nigerian progressive set, so busy sucking at the teat of popular western movements, a certain myopia to the damage some of the ideologies they parrot do, and how far back women are slipping as they flock to trendier movements.

They eschew the work yet undone because it’s low profile and thankless, preferring to haunt social media where, power drunk on neologisms signalling their in group status, they occupy themselves with boosting their social cachet by scavenging for outrage with which to attack thought criminals.

Theirs is a lurid combination of blind acceptance of anything and any choices that make people feel good, regardless of the impact on women.
Women are merely an afterthought in a frankenfeminism that cares more about how many intersections you can claim to be defending as if they're pins for the collecting.

Never mind over 90% of the imported issues they spend their time talking about aren't even in the top five major concerns facing women in Nigeria.

Their priorities are as misplaced as their sense of empathy, which is ironic because all these people do is tell women to be more empathetic while they push world views that leave no room to empathise with any person of dissimilar thought.

More empathy! They cry, as they blithely push ideas and back policies that eviscerate women's rights, and lead digital mobs against us if we dare complain.

Let's call it... Obscene Feminism.

We cannot rest on our laurels when there is so much real work to be done.


All ideas, all policies, all positions, must be evaluated for their obvious and innocuous, direct and indirect, first and second order impact on the dignity, wellbeing, safety, and status of women.

Women must aggressively beat back the institutional capture by those who wish to undermine and degrade women’s rights, as well as fight to create new opportunities for women to close the gap with men.


We must resist all ongoing and future attempts to degrade, erode, or erase women’s existing rights, some of which is already successfully happening via obfuscation.

What gains women have won can easily be snatched away through redefinition of language, as is happening now.

Women must fight any attempts to introduce ambiguities into language and law that would allow men take advantage of provisions made for women.

To fight this and reverse it, feminists must narrow our focus back to women, and operate first and foremost from a position of impact to women.


While this enjoinment is two pronged, the weight of each aim, will naturally depend on the situation of women in various parts of the world.


In Nigeria, and much of the developing world, the most necessary play is offence.

Clearing new ground for women to gain freedoms and rights we lack while pressing men to do the work of reorienting their fellow men to deal with social issues in ways that aren’t harmful to women.
Laying legal, social, economic frameworks to build on to help women gain more equality.
Helping women escape situations that keep them trapped and powerless against male chauvinism, exploitation and misogyny - Child marriages, baby farms, house helps, ritual killings etc.
Deliberately creating opportunities for women and men who support women while simultaneously closing doors to those who harm or subjugate women.


In the developed world, the most necessary play is defence.

Fighting new developments that result in women’s rights from being taken away.
Equipping women to successfully defend ourselves from social, legal, and psychological warfare waged by narcissistic ideologues.
Supporting women to undo the damage of intersectional and choice feminism by resisting choices by companies, governments, schools, and organisations that harm women while claiming to be progressive or neutral.

Feminism versus the Gender Religion of Trans Ideology

Feminism is naturally opposed to transgender ideology, and those who seek to remake society according to the rules of its orthodoxy.

The primary basis of this opposition is twofold:

1. The Gender Religion is based fundamentally on lies, easily disprovable, yet lies so simple and basic in their nature, they are virally contagious in society.
2. Transgender ideology imposes a direct conflict of interest with the basic human rights of women that is impossible to resolve without eroding or even destroying the rights of women.

What are the lies?


There are no procedures, no hormones, no drugs, no clothing, no behaviours, no hairstyles, and no mannerisms etc. in existence that can change a human being’s sex.

Therefore, “Trans women” as they are colloquially called, even after Gender Reassignment Surgery (also known as Sex Reassignment Surgery) are still men. “Trans men” as they are colloquially called, are still women.

Paradoxically, one of the key tenets of Trans ideology is to insist the opposite:

Trans Believers chant “Trans women are women” and less frequently “Trans men are men” as their main creed of faith.

Their religion is an expansionist one, and so, they are never satisfied with their own belief, but require that everyone in society, particularly women convert to their ideology and make a public confession of faith in their hateful creed.

The truth is simple:

Men are not women.
Women are not men.

It is impossible to identify as a woman because being a woman is not a matter of choice.

Nobody can identify into being a woman, nor can a woman identify out of being a woman.


To Trans Believers however, these universal truths are not just heresy, but literal violence.

In their religion, it is wholly possible to drop dead without warning, struck down by neutral words spoken by a complete stranger.

Hatred in the Gender Religion is an all encompassing term that can be infinitely expanded to include any scenario as long as it is not precisely what they want.

Hatred is tired. Hatred is so full, it's bursting at the seams. But they'll keep stuffing it as long as it works.

To adherents of this religion, this ubiquitous hatred is deadly, and murder by speech is always imminent.


A common refrain of Trans Believers and their allies is that they're talking about Gender not Sex, and while sex is fixed, gender is a fluid social construct that exists on a spectrum, and can have many different types of expression, or even no expression at all.

While there is nothing wrong with this assertion, the inconsistencies become glaringly evident once we examine what Trans Rights Activists are fighting for:
Access to bathrooms, dormitories, shelters, prisons, jobs, awards, and even the appellations of the opposite sex not the gender they identify with.

Men and women, being different sex classes, have some unique needs that are not adequately addressed by unisex spaces and resources.
Men are generally bigger, stronger, faster, more aggressive, and wont to criminal behaviour than women, and this need women have for safety from men has held consistent throughout human history, and across all human cultures and societies.

Hence, segregation of certain private, intimate spaces or sensitive facilities or resources is based on sex not gender for very good reason.

If Trans Believers, Trans Activists, and their Allies were talking about rights based on Gender, not on Sex, they would be fighting to create these spaces newly for Transgender, NonBinary, and the myriad other gender expressions they believe in, rather than invading the spaces and resources of the opposite sex.

They would be thrilled by the creation of Transgender only bathrooms and other resources or facilities, or they would continue to use the facilities and resources of the same sex (since it never changed), while focusing their activism on educating members of their own sex to be more tolerant or accepting of their gender expression.

Instead, their focus is wholly on gaining access to the inner sanctums of the opposite sex, by any unethical means they can.

Why Feminists Must Fight Trans Ideology

Feminism must unashamedly defend the rights and interests of women.

You cannot be both pro Women's Rights and pro Transgender Rights because in practice, they cancel each other out.

You cannot be both pro Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual Rights, and pro Transgender Rights because in practice, they cancel each other out. (More on this further down)

To claim that men can be included in the definition of woman is to dispute the existence of women entirely, because it implies there exists no criteria, no boundary, and no basis of inclusion or exclusion of who is female, and therefore, a girl or a woman.

When Trans Believing Men say they feel like women, what is that feeling?

How can they know that feeling is not just another type of natural male feeling?They have never been women so how do they know how women feel or if all women even feel the same way?What are they comparing it to when they have no basis of comparison?
When Trans Believing Men say they identify as women, what specifically are they identifying with?

If anybody can decide what the criteria to be a woman is, then how can anybody else identify as a woman when no particular list of characteristics (according to Trans ideology) make one a woman?
If there is nothing to identify with, how then is the identification even possible?


It is blatantly obvious that the only way to pin down precisely who or what is a woman is through sex, which is why Trans Activists are so virulently obsessed with replacing definitions reliant on biological sex with gender.

This is an example of Institutional Capture - where normally trustworthy institutions are infiltrated, pressured, lobbied, or even just bullied into changing information to advance a particular agenda.

Note how Male is left untouched, and only Female is targeted by Trans ideology to include "Gender Identification"?

Their claims are a deliberate tactic by Trans Believers to first create cognitive dissonance in people, in order to lay the groundwork for their main objective: To grant men liberties over women to which women have already said no.

If you cannot define a thing, you cannot write laws to defend that thing specifically, because anything could be that thing.

By portraying a subset of men as a subset of women, Trans Believers make more palatable the idea of giving men rights and resources reserved exclusively for women, and smother any objections women raise against the blatant conflicts of interest between trans rights and women’s rights.

What are the Conflicts of Interest?

And they are many.


No sane person of good conscience would agree to allow a man into an intimate private space where women and girls may be in various states of undress or vulnerability.
But replace the word “man” with “trans woman” and people are easily tricked into thinking what’s the harm?


No sane person of good conscience would agree to allow a man compete against a woman in a sport where physical strength, agility, or endurance matters.
But replace the word “man” with “trans woman” and people are easily tricked into thinking what’s the harm?


No sane person of good conscience would agree to allow a man get a job or win an award or access a scholarship that is reserved exclusively for women.
But replace the word “man” with “trans woman” and people are easily tricked into thinking what’s the harm?


No sane person of good conscience would agree that generally, men are more oppressed than women.
But replace the word “man” with “trans woman” and people are easily tricked into calling women the oppressors and reframing men as victims.


No sane person of good conscience would agree that lesbians should have to date or have sex with men.
But replace the word “man” with “trans woman” and lesbians have become the bigoted villains who discriminate sexually against their fellow “women”, and now face enormous pressure and are even being bullied to allow themselves be raped by “Transbians”


There are categories of crimes where the likelihood of the perpetrator being a woman is very, very low, whereas men are almost always the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.

When laws are changed to allow Trans Believing Men identify as women, these disgusting and uncharacteristic crimes are slanderously recorded in history as crimes committed by women.


Look through the hashtag #NotOurCrimes on Twitter to see an ever growing list of horrific, male pattern criminality - Brutal rapes of children and women, serial murders, and armed robberies - being reported by major newspapers and media outlets, and worst of all, recorded in permanent government court and correctional files as crimes committed by women.

The Normalisation of Rape and Homophobia

Transgender ideology is inherently homophobic because by insisting men can be women and women can be men, it makes nonsense of the concept of same sex attraction, thereby invalidating the existence of gay men, lesbian women, and bisexual people.

If there is no clear definition of what constitutes one particular sex, then what have straights, gays, and lesbians been attracted to all this while?

On what basis does a homosexual person exclude a person of the opposite sex, and on what basis does a heterosexual person exclude a person of the same sex if there is no difference?

To Trans Believers, a gay man should be thrilled to have sex with a woman just because she believes she’s a man, and a lesbian should be thrilled to have sex with a man just because he believes he’s a woman.

In a similar vein, a straight man should be happy having sex with a man just because he believes he’s a woman, as should a straight woman accept a woman who believes she is a man as a partner.

In order for this to work, the very sexuality of straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual people must be disregarded and the concept of consent dispensed with.

It no longer matters that each of us have the absolute right to accept or reject who we will share our body sexually with.

Once you refuse to have sex with a trans person on the basis of them not actually being the sex they lied to you they were, you become a hateful transphobic bigot!

An ideology that normalizes rape by deception and fraudulent misrepresentation is not an ideology worthy of respect in a civilized society.

Drop the T from LGBT

The best way to protect the rights of Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals from the terrorism of Transgender ideology, is to initiate a long overdue divorce between Transgenderism and the LGB community.

The T never belonged there in the first place.
What is Gender Identity doing in a group about Sexual Orientation?

In its place, there is a major opportunity to forge a much needed and long overdue alliance and solidary between LGB and Straight people, which already has some nascent emergence with the #SuperStraight Movement (aka #SuperGay #SuperLesbian #SuperBi), and the viral coalition that emerged called LGBS (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Straight).

This would be a step in the right direction by not only rebasing the community on the universal commonality of Sexual Orientation, but also calls on Straight people to take on more serious allyship in a community they should have always been in solidarity with, and now are visibly part of.

Transgenderism is a Men's Rights Movement

Once you accept that Trans Believers are talking about a subset of “women” rather than a subset of men, any kind transgression they commit against women must also be accepted because after all, the perpetrators are now also our fellow “women”.

The mantra “Trans women are women” is not just a liars creed of faith, but an insidious thought terminating cliché aimed at preventing women from clearly pointing out our male oppressors, by giving them the ability to hide amongst women, and evade all blame and accountability.

Hence they find safety within our ranks, whence they freely use women, all while protected, ironically, by feminist women who readily call out the same behavior in men.

Except women can’t call out “this” particular group of men, because by repeating their illogical mantra, women are supposed to grant them exception from all the restrictions we put on men for our own safety.


If Trans women were actually women, there would be no need for anyone to be reminded.

Sane people understand how utterly absurd it would be to go around chanting “Women are women”

Also, most tellingly, actual women cannot be Trans women.

This is the reason why Trans Believers and their activist supporters are so insistent on people affirming the creed of "Trans women are women"

And this is why they are so deeply unhappy with people like Chimamanda who say "Trans women are Trans women".

Because they know that the statement, "Trans women are Trans women" resolves to "Men are men"

And they also know, that most people would never agree to chant the statement "Men are women"

So the only way to get people to affirm their ludicrous belief that men are women, is to get people to chant an analogous statement that resolves to the same thing.

"Trans women are women" resolves directly to "Men are women"

Language manipulation means people who would definitely never agree to say the latter, happily say the former, even though they are saying exactly the same thing.

The most basic qualification to be a Trans woman, is to first and foremost, be a man.

And because they are men, they pose clear conflicts of interest against women.

For these men to be included in the domain of women, women must lose our privacy, our safety, and even our basic identity and the terms of our material existence.

This is unacceptable.

Men already have rights.

These men who claim to be women already have rights, and in most cases, more rights than most women.

Yet they are not satisfied, nor will they be until women are completely subjugated to their will, and our subjugation in society is fully backed by law and social consensus.

Transgenderism is a Trojan horse for granting men additional rights above and beyond women, and further stripping away not just the existing rights women possess but also our ability to object, protest, or even speak about our reality as women without being gaslit to believe lies, branded bigots, and our jobs and reputations threatened or taken away.

Institutional Capture, and Why It Matters

These conflicts of interest would not be so devastating if the Gender Religion did not have the means to enforce the will of Trans Believers against women, and punish women for resisting their ideological onslaught.

The means by which they achieve this is Institutional Capture:

The steady and ongoing conversion of companies, politicians, governments, schools, organizations, and even doctors and scientists into believers of Transgender Ideology.

This capture is the result of deliberate and concerted activism efforts by Trans Believers, and the effect is that it gives them more tools at their disposal, to mete out punishments and sanctions against anybody who disagrees with their views or opposes their goals.

When people are banned from major social networks, lose their jobs, and even face legal action for stating so simple a truth as “Men cannot be women” it makes more people think twice about voicing dissent even when they know inside that the statements they are compelled to validate and affirm are completely false.

Additionally, when people see that more and more prominent people, organizations, bodies and institutions which have been “captured” are coming out to endorse the lies of the Gender Religion, they begin to doubt their own perception of the truth, and imbibe the message that something may be wrong with them if they cannot see the new invisible clothes the naked Emperor is prancing around in.

These tactics have been used for centuries by every totalitarian regime in history, and they persist because they are so wildly effective at making people cower in fear, and more importantly, silence.


Why Women Must Stop Saying “Trans women”

In the proverbial story, it took the clarity and conviction of a small child to declare “But the Emperor has no clothes!” to break the spell and free the terrified courtiers of the need to deny reality to simply save their own livelihoods.

So too, in this post truth age of state and corporate sponsored lies and mass hysteria, does it take clear headed feminism, grounded in reality to speak truth to power for the sake of women everywhere.

Trans women are men.

And women will not yield even an inch to them.

Not even in name.

TRANSPHOBIA: An Invention to Hold Women Hostage

The speed with which accusations of transphobia, weaponised against women, became a means for Trans Believers to evade all criticism for their actions, and shut women up, is lesson to be learned.

What must happen next, is that women must allow ourselves to admit that we have once again, been hoodwinked.

Our female socialisation to care, to protect, to please, to seek harmony, and to put ourselves last while making sure others are okay, has once again been taken advantage of by narcissistic men.

It's okay to admit this, as long as we do not allow ourselves to continue to be used.


Stop being afraid to call men what they are.
There is nothing hateful about telling the truth.
The truth, no matter how unpleasant, is always neutral.
It is simply the fact of what is, and it is always the best place to plant your feet.

Stop being afraid of being called a TERF

Society has always come up with slurs to justify attacking and silencing women.

In the past, these words were Bitch, Whore, Slut, but today, the scarlet letters of choice for women who refuse to enable Trans Believing Narcissists are TERF, CIS, BIGOT, and TRANSPHOBE.

In our modern climate where it's no longer easy for men to get away with open aggression or blatantly misogynistic language towards women, it must be noted that more and more men are turning to these particular terms because it has become acceptable these days to ignore and overlook virulent hatred against women that would normally be called out, as long as the abuser first labels the woman they are attacking a Cishet, a TERF or a Transphobe.

Once labeled, Trans Believing Men and their allies and supporters are allowed free reign to direct all manner of violence and vitriol against women, and everyone just looks the other way.

Instead ask why these insults are reserved for women who have done so much to empathize, accommodate, understand, and centre these inexhaustibly selfish people, who can barely hide their deep, deep envy fueled hatred of women because womanhood is forever beyond their grasp?

Girls are now being attacked for the made up crime of "Transphobia"


Stop worrying that if you do not assent to the demands of Trans Believers, that you will, as they incessantly shriek, have blood on your hands.

First of all, men are responsible for 99% of murders of Trans people, and anti-transgender violence in general.

It makes no sense for Trans Believers to lay the responsibility for preventing anti-Trans violence at the feet of women.


Ask yourself why women are being held responsible when we have supported, been allies, defended, and nurtured, while men, who are the actual ones hurting the Trans community are never confronted about their overwhelming responsibility for anti-Trans violence?

It's because as a woman, you're an easy target.

The Trans community has never faced men with even one percent of the vitriol they hold for women who refuse to endorse their delusional beliefs.

The wants of men are always put before the needs of women, which is why Trans women are the face of the community and Trans men a mere afterthought.

When straight men kill Trans Believing Men for deceiving them into homosexual encounters or to hide their own homophobic shame at being in love with a fellow man, they mourn the fallen, but are silent in the face of men, because they know men, guilty as they are, will not tolerate their bullshit.

Instead they blame women:

"You TERFs refusing to accept Trans women as women is what is getting Trans women killed."


Even when men are indisputably the source of the problems they face, somehow all their energy is devoted to deflecting blame away from men, and redirecting it to women as the source of all their woes.

The violence against the Trans community has nothing to do with women.


Men have preyed on women since the dawn of humanity, and now Trans Believing Men who claim to be women are having a field day preying on women psychologically, by unfairly charging women once again, to sacrifice ourselves in every way for their happiness, fulfilment, and validation.

And like the typical men they are, reacting with rage, threats, slander, and violence if any women who are rightfully exhausted by their incessant demands, dare fail by even half a measure by trying to have some little thing for ourselves.

The solution to people who threaten suicide when you don't give them what they want is to stand firm in not giving in to their demands.

Threatening suicide is a well known manipulative tactic of malignant narcissists.

Also, guess who else frequently threatens suicide to get their way?

Domestic Abusers.


You can say no, and for the sake of your freedom, your rights, your sanity, and that of your fellow women, you must say no.

Reject the idea that a disgruntled person you have never harmed, can hold you responsible for their dissatisfaction with their perception of the world.